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Nancy Rotering for Attorney General

On The Issues

Civil Rights

Nancy has a record of advocacy and achievement and has always been committed to improving the lives of others. She has been a tireless advocate for people of all races, people of all religions, our immigrant families, women, LGBTQ communities, people with disabilities, seniors, youth, and the economically disadvantaged.


Consumer Protection

Consumer protection is one of the vital components of the Illinois Attorney General’s Office. The Consumer Protection Division protects Illinois consumers and businesses victimized by fraud, deception, and unfair business practices.


Criminal Justice Reform

Nancy believes that the Illinois Attorney General is in a unique position to combine championing criminal justice with statewide stewardship of a strong and effective system.  As Attorney General, she will make sure that her voice is heard in all statewide discussions of core criminal justice issues.


Ending Government Corruption

As Attorney General, Nancy will prioritize addressing public corruption at every level of government. As a current member of the Comptroller’s Local Government Advisory Board, she is working to improve the uniformity and accessibility of financial records. In New York, the Attorney General and Comptroller work together, coordinating data to create legal actions against corruption.


Protecting the Environment

A long-time environmental advocate, Nancy will prioritize environmental protection in the Attorney General’s office. Nancy recognizes that clean air, water and land are critical to the health and safety of Illinois residents.


Fighting Trump

As Illinois Attorney General, Nancy will continue the fight against Donald Trump’s radical agenda, opposing any action that violates our laws and our constitutional rights. She will collaborate with fellow Democratic Attorneys General in standing up for our human rights and civil rights, the very fundamental rights of our democracy that are under attack by this administration.


Gun Violence Prevention

As a Mayor, Nancy passed one of the first local assault weapons bans in the nation. While special interests challenged the ban, her city prevailed all the way to the US Supreme Court.


Legalizing Marijuana

Nancy believes that the benefits of legalizing recreational marijuana outweigh the negatives. Like alcohol, she believes that recreational marijuana should be regulated. It should not be sold to people under 21, its production should be regulated to ensure quality and diminish risks


Workers’ Rights

Nancy believes that laws that undermine union security agreements hurt the economy, workers, and families. “Right to work” is a misnomer and is an inherently misguided attempt to seize control of the workforce.


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