Civil Rights

taking action, getting results

Nancy has a record of advocacy and achievement and has always been committed to improving the lives of others. She has been a tireless advocate for people of all races, people of all religions, our immigrant families, women, LGBTQ communities, people with disabilities, seniors, youth, and the economically disadvantaged.

She strongly supports that at every level of American society, people of all backgrounds contribute to our democracy, culture, and economy. Nancy believes we must advance the fundamental rights and principles upon which the United States was founded, establishing and protecting the equality and dignity of all people.

As Mayor, one of her proudest accomplishments was the creation of a community legal aid clinic. She answered the call to help for seniors, domestic abuse victims, people in difficult landlord-tenant situations, and immigrants. The Clinic provides free access to justice for people on the verge of losing their lives, their homes or their families. This is the type of proactive, representative government that Nancy would bring to the Office of IL Attorney General.






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