Civil Rights


Nancy supports full equality for all gay and transgender people, including marriage equality and nondiscrimination protections. Now, at a time when enemies of equality are cloaking their attacks under “religious freedom and protection,” we must all be diligent to protect the progress for which so many have fought so hard.

Nancy feels strongly that people should be able to live their lives, and love whomever they wish to love, without fear of attack, injury, or discrimination. If efforts are made to create discriminatory policies, Nancy will not hesitate to advocate, file lawsuits and encourage her Attorney General colleagues across the nation to join her in taking action in opposition.

LGBTQ people continue to face stigmas, discrimination, harassment and violence. The culture of hate and intolerance must change.   She will work to support and listen to the voices of the LGBTQ communities as they speak to the injustices they experience.  Nancy will do all she can do to effectively be an ally and advocate for LGBTQ people.

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