Civil Rights

People with Disabilities

As Attorney General, Nancy is committed to protecting the rights of people with disabilities. She will establish a Disability Advisory Council, as she takes seriously the concept of “nothing about you, without you”, and she will implement it as a practice as Attorney General. Nancy is committed to holding state agencies accountable. She believes that we need an Attorney General who can and will tell a state agency that its actions are not acceptable or at times, legal.

Nancy firmly believes that discrimination in employment, housing, or otherwise cannot be tolerated. She is proud of the work that she has accomplished as the founder of a local legal aid clinic that specializes in immigration, domestic violence, and housing cases and has worked to protect access to affordable and accessible housing. As Attorney General, she will enforce existing laws as they relate to fair access to housing. In addition, she will work to hold developers AND local governments accountable, and not allow them to find workarounds to laws that protect people with disabilities.

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