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Nancy is a member of the Board of Planned Parenthood Illinois and longtime supporter of Personal PAC, Planned Parenthood, and the Joint Action Committee PAC. For decades, she has advocated for women’s access to health care. As an attorney she specialized in health care law and fought to protect women’s access to quality health care.

Nancy believes that a woman’s medical decisions must be between her and her physician, with no interference from politicians or employers. All medical options must be available to women and their doctors to ensure the best possible health care outcome. Nancy is committed to protecting comprehensive education, advocacy, policies and access regarding reproductive health services. Nancy has been and will always be a consistent advocate for a woman’s right to choose.

In light of reports of rampant sexual harassment reported by people of every age and socioeconomic strata from the private sector to the halls of power in Springfield, Nancy has stated sexual harassment is more than a violation; it is a crime. Serial offenders should be prosecuted and classified as predators. As the top law enforcement official in the State of Illinois, Nancy will be a fierce advocate calling for necessary changes to protect survivors and end a cycle of abuse.

As Attorney General, Nancy will take a stand against intimidation and injustice as it is past time to punish those who subject people to fear and intimidation or sit idle as it happens. She will prioritize and fight for tougher laws with more severe penalties in an effort to end sexual harassment and retaliation against those reporting harassment. These actions will include a push for Springfield to amend the Human Rights Act to apply to all employers, regardless of size. Additionally, Nancy will push for laws addressing serial sexual harassment, and will sue to enforce the laws to stop repeated discrimination and harassment, seeking the maximum penalties possible.

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