Criminal Justice Reform

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Nancy believes that the Illinois Attorney General is in a unique position to combine championing criminal justice with statewide stewardship of a strong and effective system.  As Attorney General, she will make sure that her voice is heard in all statewide discussions of core criminal justice issues.

The administration of justice requires the Attorney General and her agents to apply the law ethically and with compassion for every accused person’s unique story and circumstances. As such, Nancy knows that the Attorney General has a duty to actively seek new and innovative methods to better and more equitably administer justice. She will support and promote efforts to reform the criminal justice system so that every Illinois resident can effectively exercise their Constitutionally protected rights and have their day in court. It is critical that recidivism is reduced and re-entry be prioritized.

Years of uncoordinated legislation have created a morass of confusing and even conflicting sentence minimums and enhancements that have unintended consequences.  As Attorney General she will work towards criminal justice solutions that break the cycle of violence by extending trauma treatment to those who are both victims and perpetrators. Nancy is deeply committed to working on the causes of crime as well as responding to the consequences.

Nancy believes we need to change the culture and treat people with respect in a broken system. Far too often we treat people as numbers and not people. Add in discrimination and harassment by law enforcement, there’s no wonder that there is an ongoing and pervasive problem in the criminal justice system. As Attorney General, Nancy will work to update protections, policies, and practices and stiffen penalties for discrimination, profiling, and harassment.

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