Ending Government Corruption

taking action, getting results

As Attorney General, Nancy will prioritize addressing public corruption at every level of government. As a current member of the Comptroller’s Local Government Advisory Board, she is working to improve the uniformity and accessibility of financial records. In New York, the Attorney General and Comptroller work together, coordinating data to create legal actions against corruption.

As a Mayor, Nancy brought reform to City Hall, increasing transparency, accessibility to information and expanding ethics guidelines that applied to appointed and elected officials. Nancy believes that the culture of an organization starts at the top and it is critical that the Attorney General use all of the tools in her power to regain the trust of the Illinois public. The Public Access Counselor needs to be sufficiently funded and everyday people need to be empowered as watchdogs, being made aware of the Open Meetings Act and Freedom of Information Act, tools that are available for them to hold their government accountable. Unless the decades of corruption are addressed, our residents will continue to distrust our elected representatives and inefficiencies in government will continue to grow.

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