Protecting the Environment

taking action, getting results

A long-time environmental advocate, Nancy will prioritize environmental protection in the Attorney General’s office. Nancy recognizes that clean air, water and land are critical to the health and safety of Illinois residents.

As Attorney General, Nancy will add a rational voice to the conversation, working towards a more sustainable future in ways that improve our environment and our economy. From clean, renewable energy to modern manufacturing, Illinois has the capacity to lead.

As the Mayor of a city located on the shores of Lake Michigan, Nancy is committed to protecting the Great Lakes to ensure fresh, clean drinking water and a healthy ecosystem for generations to come. Prioritizing sustainability, she has implemented countless actions including addressing toxic storm water run-off, investing in bike-walk plans, improving water conservation awareness, reducing emissions, introducing composting, diminishing light pollution, protecting bird habitats, increasing the use of solar power, and more.

Under Nancy’s leadership, a plan was developed and is being implemented to encourage connectivity by foot and bike, ultimately reducing emissions and our carbon footprint.

Nancy is a member of the Mayors of the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative and has been a member of the Sierra Club since 1976. Prior to serving as Mayor, Nancy created an environmental advocacy program for local school kids, teaching over 5,000 students the importance of sustainability and the impact of their voices.

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