Workers’ Rights

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Nancy believes that laws that undermine union security agreements hurt the economy, workers, and families. “Right to work” is a misnomer and is an inherently misguided attempt to seize control of the workforce. As a member of the Northwest Municipal Conference Legislative Committee, when the Mayors were presented with Governor Rauner’s “Turnaround Agenda,” Nancy rejected it and refused to bring it to her city council because of, among other things, the right to work component. Right to Work legislation drives down workers’ wages, coincides with sharp increases in workplace injuries and reductions in safety precautions, and has significantly damaged those economies where implemented.

As a Mayor Nancy has firsthand, day-to-day experience with government’s responsibility to support its employees and to ensure residents have access to essential public services. Regardless of what industry they are in, Nancy believes it is our responsibility to protect our workers; they are the backbone of our economy.

For decades, Nancy has been actively supporting workers’ rights as well as the need to advocate for those without a voice. She is ready to bring her passion and experience to the office of Attorney General to continue to work to protect workers’ rights. She knows that fair wages, vital benefits, safe working conditions and secure retirements are the results of collective bargaining, which must be protected. Threats to organizing threaten the middle class and the American way of life. Nancy will always be an advocate and speak out publicly in support of that right.

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